By Adam Morrison, Equine Specialist and Instructor

Craig Falkman inspires me with words like determination, passion, and humor.
As an instructor with StableStrides, my personal and professional commitment is to empower, enable, and inspire clients to reach, sustain, and exceed their treatment goals. Craig wears determination, passion, and humor as his armor to stay on track with rehabilitation, driving his journey to physiological, social, and cognitive recovery.
Determination inspires me when instructing Craig. Craig’s stroke occurred on May 3, 2016. Rehabilitation often involves physical, occupational, and experiential modalities for people having experienced a stroke to regain levels of speech, physical, and emotional healing. 

Non-traditional paths that Craig and his awesome wife Annette chose includes Adaptive Riding at Stable Strides. Craig is an accomplished Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Addictions Therapist (LAT).

“Craig’s’ “never quit” attitude. I believe that has been appreciated and fostered by both instructors and volunteers who have worked with Craig” as stated by Annette Falkman, Craig’s fantastic and supportive wife. Craig and Annette, ran a successful EAT (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) practice prior to his stroke.

            Passion inspires different feelings, what does this mean to you? Passion for Craig and Annette, in my opinion, is a love for life, happiness, and commitment that Craig, alongside his team of instructors, physical therapists, and his supportive wife, keep the fire burning to never stop reaching and exceeding his goals. According to Annette “The other thing is riding is about the only activity Craig participated in before his stroke that he is able to do now. I know this makes him happy and pushes him to keep going”.

            Want to hear a joke, a dry (reasonable and appropriately sarcastic) retort, a comment that will put a smile on your face, Craig is ready and willing! His environment, his noble steeds (AKA-horse recovery partners) including Dusty, Thumper, Hidalgo, and his StableStrides volunteer team, as comedic audiences that he trusts will embrace his love to laugh, with a sincere and supportive perspective. StableStrides looks forward to each and every week for Craig to keep climbing on his journey to a joyous, humble, and thought-provoking recovery path that life has invited him on.