Program Director Chester shares the excitement we all share for Curtis, his journey with Dusty and Instructor Deb. Curtis has been building a relationship with Dusty, working towards riding a horse for the first time. This is one of Curtis’ goals, and also a great challenge for him as prior to working with Dusty he was afraid of horses, yet set a goal for himself that he would ride a horse one day.

“Dusty has been worth his weight in gold with Curtis while we have been taking it slow coming back from Covid. Curtis isn’t working towards riding right now because he requires side walkers on both sides and family members are not available. Dusty has been helping Curtis build confidence while leading both inside and outside. Often, Curtis is double leading (with instructor on one rope and him holding the main lead rope). Curtis’ photo above is significant- Curtis led Dusty through this course solo! Curtis loves seeing his tracks in the sand after each obstacle. Dusty is patient with Curtis’ slow pace and is mindful of spacing- when Curtis gets nervous about Dusty being too close, Dusty will actually back up or move away sideways. Dusty is sensitive yet steadfast with Curtis, a combination not always found in horses.

Curtis still strives towards riding, though is afraid. Chester is subbing for his classes for the moment and each week, Curtis shares, using sign, that he will ride Dusty! And we say ” you will, we know you will!” The time he shares with Dusty doing confidence building, core and leg strength, and problem solving activities will only bring that day closer and closer. We look forward to the day that Curtis rides, and know it will be a triumphant day for all who know this dynamic duo!”