By Bonnie Brown, Equine Caretaker

“Where did she go so quickly? I turned around and she was gone. The beautiful, statuesque blonde who filled up her stall. Our gorgeous greeter as you entered the barn. That stall looks so empty now.  It is very hard to make myself look in there.

“But like I always do in times like these, I remember all the wonderful moments surrounding Gracie’s life. And all that made me love her.
Gracie was an outstanding therapy horse. So many lives were blessed, changed. I had the honor of leading Gracie in hippotherapy. Our very last class together recently, she was perfect for me. Smart and well trained. It was a privilege to work with her.

“Don’t forget the ears only a mare could use so skillfully. Gracie used her ears to communicate her displeasure quite often. But she still did her job regardless. Just an emotional girl. Wasn’t it great?! I called it Gracietude. It was hers!

“There are quite a few geldings who will be missing their girl too.
Quite a loss for The StableStrides family. I am sorry to all of you for your sadness.  This is never easy. Remember Gracie and all she meant.”