By Volunteer Tammy

“Becoming a volunteer at StableStrides has become one of my best life decisions.  I am approaching my two year anniversary with this organization, bringing to light just how fast time passes.

“All along and during my time here there have been many clients whose paths have crossed mine. Some have been participating for months at a time, others for only a few weeks.  To single out one specific client and describe the challenges presented and the successes achieved would take pages of individual accounts which doesn’t provide the big picture of what StableStrides is all about. 

“What I have come to see and feel is the “collective” which is StableStrides. The family of participants which includes the clients, horses, caretakers, volunteers, therapists, trainers, and administrators, form a group focused on one goal.  That goal being helping the client reach a level of confidence and physical improvement that only the collective can provide.  I have been privileged to watch the metamorphosis of the fearful and sometimes reluctant child/adult move magically to one who can’t wait to mount their horse and say the word “go” to get moving in the arena or outside on the sensory trail.  There is no greater joy and/or reward than to hear the laughter or the confident response of each rider as they progress within their class.  I have witnessed the collective in action to provide care and support not only for the client, but for the horses and each other whatever the need may be.

“May I say that the “equine” therapy that is offered within the StableStrides collective has not only been of great value to its clients, but of great value to this volunteer as well.   There is a calm connection that only horses can offer which spills over to all who come in contact with these great creatures.  Combine that with the fulfillment of seeing clients thrive, well…., kids and horses….It doesn’t get any better than that!”