“As the manager of the Combat Stress Recovery Program, Craig Meissen and his team are responsible for providing mental health resources and facilitating resilience programs called Project Odyssey to post 9/11 veterans and family members across Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Through these programs, Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) helps warriors improve resilience and psychological well-being.

“Prior to joining WWP, Craig served in the United States Marine Corps, where he fulfilled roles in the Infantry conducting two combat deployments including Helmand, Afghanistan during the 2009 troop surge. Afterwards Craig spent the last decade providing mental health services to a broad population.  He worked numerous years delivering Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Based Counselling to a variety of clients including, at-risk youth, veterans, business leaders, and educators.  Later his career was directed to delivering residential treatment to at-risk youth and acute in-patient care for all ages. 

“He holds degrees in Psychology and Criminology from Missouri State University.  Craig is an active participant in the Colorado Springs community offering up his program and resources to network veterans, organizations, and reduces the barriers for veterans to access mental health. In his spare time, he can be found exploring the mountains with his family and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.”